Thursday, April 21, 2011

CF: Coldfusion java.lang.StackOverflowError

If you run into this with ColdFusion, it probably will appear to come out of no-where.
One day everything will work fine and, the next, without any change you can think of, you see your site stop to respond.
Upon digging into the exception.log file you see something like this:

"Error","jrpp-0","04/20/10","17:33:53",,"'' The specific sequence of files included or processed is: C:\Webroot\Test4\TestFile.cfm'' "

This for me occurred when serializing/de-serializing data. But anytime you run into this you have to ask yourself one primary question.
Did this happen because of my logic? If yes, go revise your logic first.
If you are certain your stuff is solid, you need to increase the Stack Size by providing the -Xss directive to the jvm upon ColdFusion startup.

I would bump it four fold; while the default seems to be slightly different based on OS, it is normally in the 300-400kb range.

I bumped mine up first to 10MB, then, reduced it to find out exactly what was workable.

The -Xss argument can be specified in kb e.g. -Xss512k or in mb, e.g. -Xss1m.

here is an image with configured jvm:


Friday, April 1, 2011

inno: converting Ansi string to string

When you work in Unicode Inno Setup the data typing of strings for functions seems to always get you one way or the other.
There are no easy build in conversions either.
After running into this repeatdly I build a helper function that simply converts the Ansi string to regulare string.

May come in handy for others:

//convert Ansi String to String
function ConvertToString(AString:AnsiString):String;
i : Integer;
iChar : Integer;
outString : String;
outString :='';
for i := 1 to Length(AString) do
iChar := Ord(AString[i]); //get int value
outString := outString + Chr(iChar);

Result := outString;