Monday, February 11, 2013

CF: cfObjective() 2013... talk is cheap (relatively ;o)

I decided to submit my slew of topics to this year's cfObjective conference. I had many things that I wanted to investigate or thought were worth sharing... never can pick really...
Fortunately for me the selection committee picked two of my submissions and, thus, if you time it right and have no better place to be, come join me at cfObjective in Minneapolis to dig into the mobile development realm ...

"Hey Bilal, come to the point", you say. "What are you going to yak about, since I am biZy! With a capital Z".
Well,  ok, here are the things I am going to talk about:

Design MVC Mobile App Visually In Hours

HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript Mobile Apps are becoming more popular. Unfortunately, the tools that we use to design them have not changed much. This talk is centered on using more advanced design tool such as Sencha Architect 2 to visually create front-end MVC mobile prototypes quickly in WYSIWYG fashion. We will step through the elements and create our own app and discuss native deployment options as well.
We will learn how to navigate the common UI of Sencha Architect, how to start and structure an Architect project, how to create a common mobile app with navigation pattern , how to link components, how to bind data, how to deploy generated code in your project, the difference in prototyping levels and the fit of rapid prototyping tools such as Architect, and we are going to have fun creating a real working mobile app.

Mobile but Secure

HTML5 CSS3 applications are becoming increasingly popular for mobile platforms. An assortment of applications makes use of the mobile devices to run, but when it comes to mobile security it is a wild west, the next frontier. What can you do to create mobile or web apps with a more solid security stance and prevent your mobile software from becoming another way to hack into your servers, your customers’ data? If you don't want to be in the news as the next mobile app whose weakness a hacker group used to get sensitive data you should familiarize yourself with the mobile security tips and tricks.
We will take a look at the mobile security top ten and discuss the juiciest elements such as   Insecure Data Storage, Weak Server Side Controls, Insufficient Transport Layer Protection, Client Side Injection, Poor Authorization and Authentication and ways and how to mediate them effectively.

So there you have it.
Hope to see you at the Mall of America in May !