Thursday, April 14, 2016

node: April 2016 Charlotte Node.js User Group material

Folks please find the links to the presentation materials and code samples from our April 2016 Node.js meeting. I hope this will get you kickstarted with node:

The presentation slides
The sample code

Here again the objectives from out meetup "Kicking it with Node, starter edition" :
By popular demand we will focus our sessions on how the node ecosystem works. This will include the setup of the environment the idiosyncrasies of JavaScript and base understanding of the event loop and asynchronicity.

So in the next session we will look at some of this:

  • installing Node.js 
  • understanding async tasks 
  • understanding the event loop 
  • what are callbacks  
  • creating projects 
  • understanding node modules and packages  
  • organizing code  
  • writing your own module 
  • what is the package.json file 
  • managing 3rd party packages with npm 
  • the require system 
  • exploring core module examples in node