Thursday, October 18, 2012

CF: CFCamp 2012 more of everything

CFCamp 2012 is over. It was another whirlwind affair with more people, more speakers, more topics and more sponsors.
Overall a good gathering that had some nuggets to take away and think about.
Thanks everyone who stayed for my late presentation on practical application security.

You can download presentation slides if you want to review them at your leisure.


Friday, October 12, 2012

CF: CFCamp here we go

Another year, another CFCamp.
The ColdFusion faithful trek into the southerly realms of Munich, Germany to learn all about the intricacies of living the code - dream ;o) So I am my way to join the fine folks, raise a Stein, and catch up on all that is newsworthy.
There will be a selection of topics on HTML5 and mobile since this is a pattern that has been steadily gaining ground among CF'ers and is reflected in this conference.
In addition there is a smaller CFAcademy segment with expanded hands on training.
If you are participating in Security section of CFAcademy watch this blog as I will post some course materials shortly.

CFAcademy users please download your exercise materials.
You will need :

  • One of the CFML engines (Adobe, Railo, OpenBD) installed. I will use Railo to work through examples.
  • A database: MySQL
  • Create a data source "book1" using the sql dump.