Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sencha: NCDevCon Presentation Materials

Thanks everyone for attending my presentation on Sencha Architect. I hope the Movie Finder project will provide some insight into how to use Architect to build / prototype your own apps.
I am taking a moment to post the materials I used; hope this makes things clear as mud :o)

Presentation Slides: MVC App in Hours (pdf)

Step-by-Step: Building the Movie Finder App in Sencha Architect (pdf)


Thursday, September 13, 2012

NCDevCon 2012: Regional Developer Conference with focus on Mobile, Web, and ColdFusion

Ok. Now it has been a cool four years that the Triangle Area ColdFusion User’s Group (TACFUG) is putting on a conference NCDevCon 2012 (September 29./30.) for regional developers (everyone is welcome). The user group members are putting in countless volunteer hours to create a conference for developers that everyone can benefit from.
Though, as every year, there is some effort to focus the presentations. This year the focus areas are Mobile, Web, and ColdFusion, though there is a good selection of general topics as well.

Thus, the conference continues to manage to have broad coverage of many relevant areas of ColdFusion, Web and Mobile development while also giving beginners options for hands on sessions.

All this is available for a small fee ($200) compared to $800 to $1000 of dollars we commonly pay. So this is definitely a deal in light of the knowledge that is being shared.

I have been selected to do a presentation on the Mobile side. This year’s topic is “Design MVC Mobile App Visually In Hours”. I am doing a walk-through of the Sencha architect tool as well as some other GUI development for mobile. Lots of demoing so nothing will ever go wrong ;o)

There is still time to book and space available so I hope to connect with everyone there.