Sunday, May 25, 2008

FlexManiacs 2008

Just returned from the Flexmaniacs 2008 show put on by Figleaf. I would classify this as mixed bag show. It is an impressive array of presentations, presenters and topics that were being covered. To me though this all seemed still a little rough around the edges; it is the second year so a little slack can be given.
Half the presentations I attended ended up having a low value for me whether it was content, presenters struggling with presentations or topics, etc. Overall it was still a valuable conference to attend but the main part requiring improvement is to separate the bad presenters from the good and get to more consistent polished presentations. I have never seen a conference where half the audience would leave within 10 min of a start of a presentation; I can imagine this to be a good blow to many a soul attempting to present.

In brief:
the good: The conference is pretty long enough and provides good coverage of topics to sniff into into get an idea. The weather was nice ;o)
the bad: Need better individual presentations and presenters. Would like to see options to rate individual presenters (online or after each show) . Topics should be better described ahead of time (I sat through an hour of a Flash presentation when topic was Flex). An individualized schedule should be printable from the website. More networking forums needed.

Would attend again but pick only the day I think has the biggest bang.


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