Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Impressions from CFUnited, August 12 through 15, 2009

Many people in the middle of a Golf course. Learned new stuff, rehashed old stuff. The greats of ColdFusion held court, and Flex was the up and comer with attitude.
The good:
  • Open source coldfusion is engaged and attempting to move things forward. Adobe is cooperating for now. Railo was there and willing; OpenBD was there in spirit.
  • ColdFusion builder is here despite the CFEclipse and we can expect more opinions on why one is better than the other. Adobe did not want to play in this open source game.
  • ColdFusion 9 will have some expanded licensing options to make it easier to host things in the cloud.
  • ColdFusion has gained some momentum but still overall a nishe.
  • The food was pretty good.
The Bad:
  • Presenters could focus more on content and less on opinion.
  • Some are born to present; others not so.
  • ColdFusion is still niche and we need to not get so high on ourselves.
  • Flex purist insistance that they do not need to know anything about CF.
  • No CFUnited backpacks for the masses. What is up with that?
  • One hour barely covers anything technical well. More multi-hour tracks digging into topics would be helpfull for people seeking pure technology how to.
There is probably more that I missed but there you have it.


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Lizign said...

Hi there!
Thanks for the review. I was looking for someone to comment on the backpacks. On the advisory board we discussed the options. It came down to after not being able to afford the nice kind we had to go with the cheaper option. The budget just didn't allow for the fancy ones (maybe next year!).

But what it really came down to if we got the canvas bags will people use them or throw them in a corner in their closet? So we figured on plastic bags and used the funds towards other things.
Its hard to balance a conference budget. Maybe I'll do a presentation for others on how budgeting for event happens. When you think of overhead plus speaker rooms, plus food, plus marketing, plus swag, and everything it adds up and somethings are just the first to go.

I HOPE we can bring in some awesome bags next year. I lost my 2006 bag at this year's conference and I was super bummed.