Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CF: ColdFusion Report Builder migration errors with Invalid construct.A script statement must end with ";"

You may had the opportunity to work with ColdFusion Report Builder in the past. It was a cool little tool that we used with ColdFusion 7 when you could not afford anything else to write reports with.
In its first iteration it was pretty buggy; today, it still is around but I see fewer people using or mentioning it. It barely gets any play at the user conferences and is treated more like a red-headed step child (I have nothing against red headed people of any kind ;o).
In my opinion it is still a useful tool that does not get its share of attention. However, when you migrate from older versions of reports that you have written with, say, ColdFusion Report Builder (CFRB) 7, to ColdFusion Report Builder 8 or 9 you may get some fairly unexpected errors.
Such as this:

Invalid construct.A script statement must end with ";"

The only thing you did it just open and save the report. No changes were actually made. All of a sudden, errors jump up from seemingly nowhere. Well, for me, that resulted in many hours of ghost hunting (since I cannot see what's in the cfr files) until I finally got the bright idea to dig up an old copy of Report Writer 7 for those reports.

I restored the .cfr file from backup, made a change using CFRB 7 and everything worked. Just to check for sanity, I, then, restored the file again, made a simple change using either CFRB 8 or 9 and, boom, broken again.

The lesson here is to make sure you ask before you touch a ColdFusion report (.cfr) file with which version of ColdFusion/ColdFusion Report Builder it was created. Then, make the modifications only with that tool.

This in the end may save you many hours of frustration.


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