Thursday, July 21, 2011

CF: cfObjective 2011

Meant to provide feedback on the cfObjective conference in Mineapolis, MN.
The conference goes by the tagline of
"The Only Enterprise ColdFusion Conference". Unfortunatly, this may be very true.
Anyways, here is the skinny as I see it (fully my opinion):

Even though this is the biggest CF conference that still is around, I was still disappointed by how small the crowd was. No knock on this conference as it comparitively has grown from last year, but with the demise of cfUnited, I was expecting a larger crowd to carry over to this one.

Conversations with fellow conference attendees lead to the insight that instead of one big conference there are many smaller regional ones that focus on this topic.
If this is the trend, the obvious question would be how CF is CF going to survive? Will many small conferences attract developers by the truck load or will they stay away? Adobe did not sponsor, I hear lots of politics involved. Not a good image if you are trying to convince new people to pick up CF and grow the community.

The location was OK. Downtown Minneapolis is not hot but you can make it work. Weather was a bummer (pretty nippy). The food was good, lunch was better than breakfast.

The presentations followed a similar pattern to cfUnited, the same people are doing the presenting. The quality was just a notch above what was available at cfUnited. I am personally getting a little tired of the same presenters, I think the community needs some fresh blood. Only so many times I can hear an extreme opinion presented as fact ;o)
Overall, still something I will attend, but maybe shorten the time for next year. Do only two days rather than three. The last day was just a rush to get out.

There you have it. Catching up on writing.

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