Saturday, May 23, 2015

App Idea: CircleDJ

The Idea

So you have music you are listening to, you like a piece of music so much you take out your ear-buds and press them on your friends to listen to the part of the song that you like so much. You guys start chatting about how cool the song is and how some other band is equally cool. You go back and forth pulling things from your individual play lists and having fun chatting about music and friendship.

The way you go about it seems rather old-school in the age of mobile tech, doesn't it? What if you had each an app loaded that could make this sharing easier, better and even more fun? What if you could comment on parts of pieces of the song as it was being played?  Even bring in other friends into a "circle" to listen to the same song as it is being played. No more sharing of ear-buds while being able to comment and recommend a dynamic playlist? Everyone in the "circle" could assume DJ duties, putting things on a queue or taking over playback directly?

Initial idea assumes that songs are owned outright by all participants, but alternatives are possible where this is build to work on top of premium subscription services that give people already access to all songs in catalog.

More Features

  • Users can invite friends into special purpose circles, e.g. School, Workout etc. 
  • You can see who is being DJ in which circle
  • Listening and comment history is available for circle members
  • Circle members can compare their song libaries
  • Allow in-app purchases of "missing" songs
  • Record snippets with comments to post on twitter or Vine

Techno Mumbo Jumbo

This is the section I am trying to sound edumacated.
  • The basic principle is based on synchronized playback (stream or local) of media  (audio or video) with shared playback control.
  • Dymanic content and control of media, e.g. different users can control speed, and location of playback and this can by dynamically changed either via an election or granting scheme.


  • Build on a music streaming service, e.g. Pandora or Spotify
  • This idea of "social-sharing" and "active" commenting can be extended to field of  any stream-able media, e.g.Video. If you are wanting to do similar App on the basis of YouTube or other video streaming services.
  • Bots could partake in playback control to make recommendation to groups and playback parts or tracks.
  • The potential exists to "redefine" radio as we know it in this format. "Radio" users could take alternate control and "DJ" or curate for specific group or at specific times for other listeners. 
  • Feedback loop and control look can be build via twitter like services. If enough of a hastag is tweeted alongside another song specific hashtag, a bot can put the most on demand songs into the play-queue.

Social Implications

  • Circle songs and comments can be shared on twitter, facebook, etc.
  • Big Data: comments can be analyzed for trends (frequency language, power parts in songs etc.)
  • Song Ratings for activity types
  • Extract snippets to post with comments

Related Competitive Ideas

  • It would be expected that streaming services will build something like this into their apps to ensure higher level of stickiness for their premium services. This could be only available for premium subscribers, inviting others to their listening circle would require subscription. Or, in a modified form without the subscription you cannot participate actively (no commenting, no DJing)


  • The assumption here is that everyone owns a copy of the song, if not friend that wish to listen in will have to purchase the song. An affiliate payment system can be used or direct resale of music.
  • Recomendation engines to build suggestion to the circle members for purchase.
  • Advertising (I do not like to mention this since this seems to be overused)
  • Subscription element to unlock features, e.g. ability to DJ for the circle
  • In app purchase of songs
  • DJs could be hired to remote play and interact

What are these post about

So, like seemingly, everyone I have been collecting ideas about apps that would be "next big thing" and promptly putting them on a shelf based on time and resource demands. I am fleshing things out in bullet points. Rough bullet points! You are free to do with it whatever tickles your fancy.

I have decided to break with the cycle of selfishness and just post the ideas for anyone to use. Though I am not opposed to gazillions and instant nerd-fame, I have come to the conclusion that I rather have the idea be turned into action when I know that I will not be able to.

Also I am sharing in the hopes that, even, if marginally, I am preempting the people that like to patent just about everything including how my shoe laces tie together from stifling innovation. This is prior art people. Booyah!

Do you expect a return?

In one word, yes! I am hoping that I get attribution credit or free coffee for life whenever one of these makes it big. You don't even have to tell me, just send me my platinum Starbucks card!

Fool, this already exists!

If such an idea has already been turned into reality, the world is a better place ! Share it in the comment section. I do not do exhaustive research though I try to look through the app stores trying to find apps with these features. If you think my ideas are a bunch of doodoo, no need to comment, just create better ideas and make the world an even better place.


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