Thursday, September 15, 2016

nodejs: Continuous Code Deployment using Node.js and AWS Stack

Yesterday we had our monthly Node.js usergroup meetup. I want to thank all for coming and exchanging interesting ideas for us to ponder.

We looked into how to create a complete deployment cycle using cloud technologies to support our node development.

We reviewed the complete process (build, test, deploy) and how tools like:
- AWS CloudPipeline
- AWS CodeCommit
- EBS (Elastic Bean Stalk)

We also used Solano Labs CI build service which is a cloud based alternative to build tool like Jenkins.

Building a continuous deployment cycle can change the game for even small shops to roll out quality code from development to production in very little time.

Here are the slides from the presentation, this will probably help those that were taking diligent notes. Most command line text are present on the slides.


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