Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sencha: Parsing Touch 2

I started an experiment  to see whether the whole JS script code of the Sencha Touch 2 library could be parsed into a JSON representation for further analysis.
After going at it a few different ways I was finally able to do it using the Esprima JS library.

Here is the JSON representation of the code if you are interested and want to take a look yourself.

I used this as part of analysis to compare ExtJS4 and Sencha Touch 2 class libraries. Interesting to find out what code has potential to run unmodified in both of them vs code that probably will not.
Here is the link to resulting analysis spreadsheet (17KB).

Overall we are looking at a good chance that things will not work; 77% of the classes in ExtJS4 do not have a representation in Sencha Touch 2.



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