Friday, May 4, 2012

Sencha: Presentation Slides from SourceDevCon 2012: Combining Sencha Touch 2 and ExtJS4 into one project

They said it could not be done. But for all who attended my talk at Source Dev Con 2012 about Combining your Sencha library projects into one, now know, that we can fight this fight! We even have a reasonable chance to win battles.
First, thanks to all who have taken time to listen and were polite enough not to yawn in front off me (though I did not check when I turned my back).
Second, if things were unclear (sometimes after listening to many people talk ceaselessly ideas get swished around the head and start chasing each other down into a land of fog and confusion ;o) please contact me and I will try my best to respond more clearly.
Here is the sample code.
Here are the presentation slides for your continued entertainment.



Krzysztof FF said...

I've found your extension/upgrade of Saki's MsgBus very interesting.
Could you explain please why you are deriving your implementation of Source2012.system.EventManager from Ext.util.Observable?
There is no Ext.util.Observable functionality exposed via your derivation.
Actually, Ext.util.Observable is embedded as 'bus' member of your class.

bman said...

thanks for your inside. My main goal with this sample was to show a working, self-managed, application wide bus.
I did not need to expose any member functions from observable to do so.
Also to note is that this was to show a common use profile (Sencha Touch and ExtJS); these are implemented differently and the expectation that member functions would behave the same is not guaranteed.
In any case, I hope it was helpful as an experiment and you are able to change the elements as you need.

Sukhjinder said...

Hi Bilal,
Do you have a link to the video of the above presentation. I'm sure I can find few more things which have not been covered in the presentation slides.

Thank you!

Sukhjinder said...
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bman said...

The video used to be published via vimeo for SourceDevCon 2012. However, I can no longer find it.
It may been taken down.